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Astro Notes: Astronomical Vignettes

Astro Notes are designed to be a concise description of some aspect of astronomy, amateur astronomy or the Astronomical League. Each is, by necessity, rather narrow in scope. Although Astro Notes are produced by the Astronomical League as a service to its members, permission is granted to copy the notes for redistribution or inclusion in society newsletters, provided the note is copied in its entirety with the Astronomical League cited as its source. The information contained in the Astro Notes is generally available from a variety of sources. Regional officers may make copies available at Regional Conventions with fees to cover their duplicating costs. Additional information on Astro Notes is available in Astro Note 20.

Astro Note 1 -- Polar Alignment in the Field

Astro Note2 -- Astronomical League Services

Astro Note3 -- Observing Data Sheet.

Astro Note4 -- Astronomical League History and Organization

Astro Note5 -- Astronomical League Membership and Benefits

Astro Note6 -- Club Constitution or Bylaws

Astro Note7 -- Astronomical Pronunciation Guide - I

Astro Note8 -- Winter Star Watching Project - Pleiades

Astro Note9 -- Tax Exempt Status

Astro Note10 -- What Time Is It?

Astro Note11 -- Celestial Coordinate Systems

Astro Note12 -- Observing Programs of the Astronomical League I -- Deep Sky

Astro Note13 -- Using Setting Circles

Astro Note14 -- Astronomical Pronunciation Guide - II

Astro Note15 -- Accurate Polar Alignment

Astro Note16 -- Astrophotography I - Star Trails

Astro Note17 -- Astrophotography II - Projection Systems

Astro Note18 -- Basic Astronomical Data

Astro Note19 -- So, You Want to Buy a Telescope?

Astro Note20 -- Index and Order Form

Astro Note21 -- Organizing an Astronomy Club

Astro Note22 -- Preparing and Presenting a Paper

Astro Note23 -- Reporting a Discovery

Astro Note24 -- Professional Astronomer

Astro Note25 -- Observing Programs of the Astronomical League II -- Solar System


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