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World Astronomy Day 2007

April 21, 2007

Join us in our celebration of reaching more than 35,000 people worldwide!


Astronomy Day is a grass roots movement designed to share the joy of astronomy with the general population - "Bringing Astronomy to the People." On Astronomy Day, thousands of people who have never looked through a telescope will have an opportunity to see first hand what has so many amateur and professional astronomers all excited. Astronomy clubs, science museums, observatories, universities, planetariums, laboratories, libraries, and nature centers host special events and activities to acquaint their population with local astronomical resources and facilities. Many of these events are located at non-astronomical sites; shopping malls, parks, urban centers truly Bringing Astronomy to the People!

"Iran Astronomy Day was very successful. We had so many people attend in events all over Iran that we would guess there were many more than 5000 who participated around the country." -- Iran Astronomers

"We had over 350 in attendance during the 6 hours we had the event. There were 5 Planetarium programs, solar viewing, and many make and take activities." --Kansas City, MO

"The Irish Astronomical Association (IAA) held a public star party at Carnfunnock Country Park, near Larne, N. Ireland on 21 April to celebrate International Astronomy day. We had about 30 attendees, including the park staff. The poor weather deterred the normally keen observers. Nevertheless, Dr Andy McCrea gave public lectures. Derek described his experiences of weightless flights at the Russian Space centre and his plans to be the first Ulster space tourist. Andy did a talk on the wonders of the April night sky plus a mini tour of the solar system planets. Money raised by book/video sales etc. at the meeting will be donated to Northern Ireland Leukaemia Research charity." --Lame, Ireland

"We had over 250 people stop to view Saturn & our Moon. We will have a story in in the Trib in May about SWA in advance of ISAN." --Latin School & Chicago Sidewalk Astronomers, Chicago, IL

"The Tri-State Astronomers (TSA) based in Hagerstown, MD celebrated Astronomy Day on Friday and Saturday, April 20 & 21. We set up over 20 telescopes at the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD. We had over 200 guests on Friday and over 300 on Saturday! One of our most successful Astronomy Day Public Star Parties ever! Guests started showing up around 7:30 and the last ones left around 11 pm each night. We had plenty of pamphlets and information sheets to hand out courtesy of Sky & Telescope and Astronomy Magazine. One long time TSA member said: "I've never had so many people waiting to look through my scope!" Overall it was our best Astronomy Day ever for the TSA!" --Tri-State Astronomers, Hagerstown, MD

"We had a great day that centered around StarLab shows! --Custer Institute, New York

"This is Ireland and there was of course 100,000,000 clouds in the sky above Sandymount in Dublin. People are fascinated with telescopes, they attract people and thatís basically the way the evening unfolded. There were people who stopped by for a chat about astronomy and to give to UNICEF. We talked Astronomy, Venus, Moon, Saturn and Telescopes for the evening. People wanted to look through the telescopes so (and not for the first time) we demonstrated the magnification of my scope by landing peoples eyes on the decks of ferries coming out of Dublin Port. We had a very long talk about astronomy in Ireland, light pollution, telescopes, astronomical sketching, UNICEF and the concept of Astronomy Day. We had no Moon, no Venus, no Saturn to share with people, but we shared our enthusiasm for astronomy. We shared our knowledge and we talked and talked and talked astronomy. Now if you have been entertained, amused, intrigued, or inspired by this thread then you can jump in and give a donation to UNICEF Ireland at this page and if you are doing this, write Look Up for UNICEF in the comment box at the end so UNICEF will know it came from this effort." --Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland

"Our first combined club Astronomy Day on April 7 was a bit unlucky... It snowed the whole time! Despite poor weather, we still had around 30 attendees. By April 21, we couldn't have asked for better weather or participation! Glorious sunny skies, more visitors than we have ever seen before, a crystal clear night and the Lyrid Meteors! We lost count at over 320 guests... It was our best Astronomy Day ever!" --Warren Rupp Observatory and Astronomy For Youth, Mansifeld, OH

"I had the opportunity to visit in Cincinnati for Astronomy Day on the Levee. It was great!" -- Cincinnati, OH

"Downeast Amateur Astronomers - Astronomy Day were at the Heritage Museum with telescope displays, solar viewing, handouts and more!" --Calais, Maine

"The weather on Saturday, April 21st was fantastic! So, the KAS held its Astronomy Day bash on the "officially" recognized date. This years theme was NASA's Great Observatories. These include the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Spitzer Space Telescope, and the legendary Hubble Space Telescope. This year, our theme displays were the best ever. We had a full compliment of hands-on activities this year. To go along with our theme, we brought back the Hubble Space Telescope models. Kids made their own mini-HST,cut out and decorate stars of different colors and shapes. We provided some whacky face stickers, star stickers, glitter pens, and other fun items so the kids could create a custom star pal. Perhaps not terribly educational, but the kids loved it! Thanks to the spectacular conditions, we easily surpassed last years Astronomy Day observing attendance." --Kalamazoo, MI

"Held on the same day as Earth Day, Astronomy Day Activities in Evansville, Indiana attracted about 300 persons. Activities were organized by the Evansville Museum and executed by the Evansville Astronomical Society. The celebration included planetarium shows in a 10 meter fixed dome planetarium and a 6 meter portable planetarium, make-it-take it activities for children, comet making demonstrations using dry ice, a Mars Lander egg drop, an astrophotography display and solar and lunar observing. Neighborhood Star Watches (AL Best New Idea in 2004) took place clear skies at four sites. Z. Nagin Cox, from JPL presented the Museum's Adventures in Science lecture which described her personal experiences with the historic Gallileo Mission to Jupiter." --Evansville, IN

"Our presumption is that it will be around 200-300 people would come but we were overwhelmed by around 500 peoples, most of them from schools and kids with their parents. The activities include planetarium shows, sunspot observation, astronomy talks, try it yourself of planisphere and at night we had star and planet observation." --Sarawak Planetarium, Malaysia

"Astronomy Day was held successfully in Iran with cooperation of the astronomical society of Iran (amateur committee) and several astronomy groups from all over Iran in 2007. Astronomy day was held in over 53 cities .this report is regarding astronomy day in Tehran where the central programs were held. The reports of the other cite are still being collected & a complete report will be sent as soon as possible. Tehran is highly populated city therefore; we decided to host a splendid and grand event in the capital of Iran.

Astronomy day programs were held in various sites, how ever the main events were at Mellat Park which is one of the largest and most crowded parks in the city. Thousands of people attended the programs!

During this week a large number of different special programs were held in schools universities and kindergartens with the corporation of the astronomical society of Iran: Other programs were provided for those who were unable to attend the astronomy day programs. Using newspaper, TV shows and our website, we invited website and weblog hosts to participate in this festival. More than 90 people participated in this program and the best websites and webloges were introduced during a ceremony at Iranian space association amphitheater on astronomy day." --Iran Astronomers

It's not too late to add pictures and stories about your own event... We would love to hear from you! Please mind your file size and send your photos and notes to this address and we'll get you added as soon as possible!

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