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Astronomical League Awards


The Astronomical League presents awards to deserving people who have advanced the goals of theAstronomical League. These include promoting astronomy, contributing to the League, and advancing the scienceof astronomy. There are many awards that are presented. If you know someone who qualifies for an award, please contact the appropriate award administrator to get more information on nominating that person for the award. AL Awards Graphic
The awards are presented to recognize people for their hard work and accomplishments and to encourage youngsters to study astronomy. Those wishing to receive awards for various observing programs should visit our observing club pages to determine who to contact.

We congratulate the winners of these awards and hope that someday you too will be listed among their ranks.

The Astronomical League Award

The Astronomical League Award is presented to any person, either amateur or professional, who has made worthwhile contributions to the science of astronomy on a national or international level.

G. R. "Bob" Wright Service Award

This award honors current or past League volunteers for service to the Astronomical League.

The Leslie C. Peltier Award

The Leslie C. Peltier Award is presented to an amateur astronomer who contributed to astronomical observations of lasting significance.

National Young Astronomer Award

NYAA application form in pdf format

N.Y.A.A. recognizes outstanding work, by amateur astronomers of high school age, in the areas of research, public education, academic scholarship in astronomy or science, observing, imaging, telescope or equipment design or construction, publications and writing, local club activities, and regional and national organizational activities. This award is supported by Meade Instruments, Inc.

Jack Horkheimer Award

Jack Horkheimer Award application form in pdf format

The Jack Horkheimer Award is presented to a League member under the age of 19 for outstanding service to the League or League member societies. This award is supported by Jack Horkheimer, The Star Gazer.

Mabel Sterns Award

The League shall present an annual Mabel Sterns Award for outstanding editing of a League-society newsletter. Newsletters from League-member institutions, such as planetariums, museums and event boards, are not eligible.

Special Award

From time to time the Astronomical League presents special awards to people who have contributed greatly to astronomy and/or the League, but do not fall into any of the other award categories. These special awards are generally administered by the President.

Webmaster Award

With the increased popularity of the Internet, the Website is an important asset to astronomy clubs. Most Websites are designed, administered and updated by the club's Webmaster.
The purpose of the award is to acknowledge the club Webmaster who does an outstanding job of Website design and administration.


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