What does the Astronomical League offer you, as a Member-at-Large?

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  • Full voting privileges.
  • A subscription to the Reflector, our quarterly newsletter.
  • The Book Service through which you can buy astronomy-related books at a 10% discount.
  • A choice of astronomically-oriented magazines at a discounted price.
  • Eligibility for all Astronomical League awards, both national and observing.
  • Support an organization that promotes education, observing, research and communications.
  • But the most important benefit is that you join a national organization of amateur astronomers. You become part of a group that promotes observing, research, and the love of the sky. You have the opportunity to earn awards for your observing skills and learn more about what other amateurs are doing through our national newsletter.

    You can either pay with a check or money order. If you would like to use a credit card and join right now, you can visit the Member-At-Large Sales Order Page. After you have joined, look at the other merchandise available from Astronomical League Sales. After you have placed your order, please be sure to come back to our Home Page (www.astroleague.org).

    When you join, you will receive our new Member-at-Large membership packet. In this packet, you will receive:

    To join the Astronomical League as a member-at-large, please send a check, payable to the Astronomical League, in the amount of $30.00/year for (U.S. postal addresses) or $40.00 (non-U.S. postal addresses) for an annual membership. Payment must made in U.S. funds.

    Name: ___________________________ Phone: (______) ______-________

    Address: _________________________________________

    City: _______________________ State: _____ ZIP+4: _______ - ________

    E-mail: __________________________________________

    Please indicate which publication(s) you desire (all are optional):

    _____ RASC Observers Handbook - add $19.00 (U.S.); $21.00 (Canada); $27.00 (all other addresses);

    _____ Sky and Telescope Magazine - add $32.95 (U.S.); $39.95 (Canada); $49.95 (all other addresses);

    ______Astronomy Magazine - add $34 (1 year USA) or $60 (2 years USA); or Canada/all Foreign add $48.50
    (1 year) or $88 (2 years).

    ______ StarDate: add $18 ( USA), $22 (Canada) or $30 (all other foreign countries). (StarDate is published by the Friends of the McDonald Observatory)


    Enclosed is my payment (payable to The Astronomical League) for $30.00 (U.S. addresses) or $40.00 (non-U.S. addresses) plus the cost of any optional publications I have selected.

    My total payment is: __________.

    Mail to:

    Jackie Beucher
    Astronomical League
    11305 King Street
    Overland Park, KS 66210-3421
    Telephone: (913) 469-0135
    E-mail: m31@everestkc.net

    Please allow four weeks for your membership packet to arrive.

    Astronomical League National Headquarters
    9201 Ward Parkway; Suite 100
    Kansas City, MO  64114


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