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Application for Society Membership in The Astronomical League

In accordance with the applicable provisions of its own Constitution, By-Laws, or other rules of procedure, the

_________________________________________________ accepts the By-Laws of the Astronomical League and hereby applies for membership

within. Their first-year membership dues (see below) are enclosed.

__________________________________________ ________________________ ______________
Signature / Title / Date

__________________________________________ ________________________ ______________
Signature / Title / Date

On the lines below, please PRINT or TYPE the full name of the organization and its mailing address in precisely the form it should appear on an envelope.




_________________________________________________________ ZIP ___________

Website URL:______________________________________________

Club E-mail:______________________________________

Amount to enclose for dues:

Basic society dues $______ (see table below)

TOTAL number of members as of _______, 20__: ______ x $______ prorated = $ _____

Total amount enclosed $ _____

Please state the total number of members in good standing as of the latest date for which this information is available. Dues are based on how many Reflectors are mailed per household. See the table below for a prorated amount for your first year dues. Dues for following years are $10.00 for the society and $5.00 per member, billed each year in May.


Date mailed
Per Member
Society Dues
January 5 - April 4
April 5 - July 4
July 5 - October 4
October 5 - January 4

Please return this application form to 
Jackie Beucher
Astronomical League
11305 King Street
Overland Park, KS 66210-3421
(913) 469-0135
We will need an electronic file of your organization's roster of members with correct names, addresses, and ZIP codes for entry onto the AL computer for mailing each member an individual subscription to our quarterly publication, the Reflector. We also need the telephone and email addresses of your officers and ALCor. Many clubs send a complete file on all members which include telephone and email. (These two items of data are NEVER given out, except to another League club/region.) Please see the information under   "Alcors" in this website ( for specific instructions on the set up of your electronic file. Mail/email the above to:

Astronomical League National Headquarters
9201 Ward Parkway; Suite 100
Kansas City, MO  64114


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