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Tammy Plotner

Born before the great "Space Race", Tammy's parents encouraged her interests. From those beginning space missions, a love was born of watching celestial phenomena - be it a pass of Sputnik, a meteor shower, or a solar eclipse. She purchased her first real telescope to view Comet Halley and when she and her family moved to dark, rural Ohio, astronomy turned into a passion.

For 20 years, the fleet of telescopes grew along with the desire to study and write. Graduating from handwritten journals to on-line daily reports that span more than six years, her desire to share her experience and knowledge with other beginners and amateurs led her down many starry roads... And into public outreach.

Tammy is currently the president of the Richland Astronomical Society at Warren Rupp Observatory where she also serves as a grant manager, education director, webmaster and board member. She is also a member of the Astronomy For Youth team and served both on the board and as webmaster. Tammy is a member of the Astronomical League webmaster team, serves as a NASA "Space Place" editor, and is heavily involved with the Night Sky Network.

Her credits include many observing awards from the Astronomical League and reporting for the Lunar Transient Phenomena Reearch team, as well as several other observing organizations. As a freelance writer, Tammy has won many awards, been published in SETI and enjoyed success in various periodicals and websites. But, she is probably best known for her articles and the long running column in The Universe Today - "What's Up". Tammy has traveled all over the United States giving astronomy outreach programs. You'll find her at schools, colleges, libraries, science festivals, star parties, state parks, at the Observatory, and right here in her own backyard - doing what she loves best.

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