"And so he waves his magic wand... This wizard of the night. And before me appear the starry skies... So I may dream upon their light."

Welcome, Traveller...

How I have wished you here! And so you have been. The breath of the wind in my hair... The silver tear of a meteor caressing the face of the Night... The hand that guides the scope... The stars in my eyes.

Come, now. Let us dance across the cosmos together, you and I. From our own solar system, to the distant galaxies... The night will be ours. Let us journey to the far flung galaxies and walk upon the Moon. We shall explore the Sun and chase comets side by side. And when we're together?

The stars always shine...

"Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner. Sometimes I feel like my only friend... Is this city I live in... The city of angels. Lonely as I am... Together we fly."

Astronomy can sometimes be a very frustrating hobby. There are times when you can't find things, or the sky won't cooperate... But don't stop! Because with Patience, Practice and Persistence you will learn to love the night sky as I do.

Don't ever be afraid to ask questions! There are many wonderful people Around The World who can answer them. Even if you don't own a telescope, there are still lots of great things outlined on these pages that will make a "Stargazer" out of YOU!

Keep looking up... And thinking! I still do...


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The Daily Observing Reports

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The Archives...

For the small telescope...

Spring Constellations
Spring Starhop Challenge
Summer Constellations
Summer Starhop Challenge
Fall Constellations
Fall Starhop Challenge
Winter Constellations
Winter Starhop Challenge

For the big scope...

Spring Starhop - EXTREME!
Summer Starhop - EXTREME!
Fall Starhop ~ EXTREME!
Winter Starhop ~ EXTREME!

In our Solar System...

Planet Dance
Night Lights
The Prodigal Sun
Venus and Mercury

Simple astrophotography...

Camera Shy
The Photo Album

If I can't photograph it? I'll draw it...

The Sketch Book

Looking for magic and adventure?

Neil Armstrong Space Museum
Road Trippin'
Hotel California

Please take a moment to visit with Jim Schicatano, author of "Theory of Creation"...

And the time to listen to some fine musicians...

The Ageless Jazz Quartet
Redwood Rose

My sincere thanks to all of you who allow me to direct link to your images and music. Without YOU, none of this could be possible...