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Daily Observing Reports
What's up in the sky?
Backyard Ohio
"My backyard view..."
The Photo Album
Want to "peek" at a real amateur's work?
Spring Constellations
"A guide to observing..."
Spring Starhop Challenge
Are you ready to rock and roll?
Summer Constellations
"You're getting warmer..."
Summer Starhop Challenge
"Ah... you're red HOT, doc!" Let's rock...
Moon Walk
"Let's go explore!"
Planet Dance
"Want to give it a go?"
Fall Constellations
"Change has come..."
Fall Starhop Challenge
"And change is here." Ready to go, again?
Winter Constellations
"Let's see what's in the freezer for dinner tonight, shall we?"
Winter Starhop Challenge
"I'm here to warm you up!"
Night Lights
"Because some of us still need them... :)"
The Prodigal Sun
"Icharus never had it so good..."
Spring Starhop - EXTREME!
"Just because I can, eh?"
Summer Starhop - EXTREME!
"Let's set the night on fire!"
The Sketch Book
"So, if I can't photograph it, I'll draw it!"
Road Trippin'
"Want to go on an adventure?"
In The Backyard
"Care to sneek a peek?"
Camera Shy
"An adverture into amateur astrophotography using a digital camcorder..."
Venus and Mercury
"Chasing a conjuction..."
Fall Starhop ~ EXTREME!
"Ready for a challenge?"
Winter Starhop ~ EXTREME!
Let's do it again!

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You have reached a place without time or reason. A land with both sight and sound. You are now in "the astronomer's zone"!

How I've wished you here with me! And so you have been... The breath on the back of my neck... the hand the guides the scope... the rogue meteor that touches the face of the sky. I will always look up! ...and think.

Many happy hours have been spent making websites to share with you. (Some good, some bad... but all are part of me!) How intriguing it would be to "see" into the backyards of my friends around the world!

There is a brave adventurer, who gave both knowledge and patience, and is willing to follow a dream. So, now I invite you to join us...

And where is YOUR backyard?!

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And I'll chase you with this!!

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