"At night I stood upon the Hill... And stared into the sky until - My eyes were filled with stars! Then I... Still stood and stared into the sky." ... Ralph Hodgson - "Song Of Honour"


ATTN: Kathy Geffert

Fax: 620.662.3693.

Greetings, Kathy!

We here at Warren Rupp appreciate your generous offer of passes to offer as a doorprize for our annual "Hidden Hollow" Star Party. The event will be held on October 11-13, 2007 at Warren Rupp Observatory, O'Possum Run Rd., Mansfield, Ohio. I am sure it will be met with great excitement!

Since no one lives at the observatory, our mailbox often goes unmonitored. For saftey's sake, I take responsiblity for receiving doorprizes and informing our Treasurer (who will then send you an appropriate receipt including our tax exempt status). My address is:

Warren Rupp Observatory
c/o Tammy Plotner
8215 Center St.
Caledonia, OH 43314

Should you wish to contact me by phone, I can be reached at 419-845-2629, or more easily by e.mail at theastronomer@webtv.net.

Again, we appreciate your contribution and as I outlined in my e.mail we will support and advertise Cosmosphere in every way we can.

Clear Skies,

Tammy Plotner

Warren Rupp Observatory
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