Dear Web Master

I am Pouria Nazemi, Science journalist and head of public affairs of Astronomical Society of Iran- Amateur Committee (ASIAC).

ASIAC is a part of ASI that organized amateur activities in Iran and try to increase the level of Amateur Astronomy level in Iran.

As you now in recent years in Iran many astronomical groups try to celebrate astronomy day.

This year Iranian people celebrated International Astronomy Day on Friday May 5, because of our weekend is on Friday and Saturday in our country is first day of week (like many other Islamic countries).

So ASIAC gathered information of astronomy day celebration in all around the country and ask them to send these events to you but because of some groups have limit access to Internet and also because of this work is part of our mission in ASIAC our mission I send you with this mail list of all event that organized until now (Sunday 30 April).

In all events the groups will hold some different programs like general astronomy speeches, slide show, make models of space ships and solar system, play street theater about astronomy, open day in observatories, kid drawings , observation of sun, moon , planets and satellites, cook some astronomical cookie, gathering KEO messages and many more like these.

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Pouria Nazemi

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Pouria Nazemi

City Group Date/Time Place
Tehran Zaferaniye Observatory May,5/ 9am to 23 Valiasr St. Falahi St. zaferaniye Park
Tehran ASIAC May5/ 9am- 23 Shafagh cultural center/ Yousef Abad St.
Tehran NODET May5/ 9am 23 Seoul Park Seoul St.
Tehran Niyavaran Observatory May5 / 16 to 23 Niavaran St.
Tehran Khavaran May 4/ 16:30 20 Khavaran Cultural Center- Khavaran Blvd
Tehran Kanun Planetarium May5/ 9 am 23 Kanun Planetarium, Piruzi St.
Tehran Night Sky Store May 5/ 12 23 Shahrake Gharb, Ghanun Cultural Center
Tehran Azahra University May 3/ 10 -13 Azahra university , Open Day
Tehran Sharif University May 2 Sharif University- Azadi St.
Rey Education Ministry May 2 (all day) Rey (distinguished distant from Earth to Moon in cooperation with other countries and celebration)
Rey Observatory of Rey May 5/ 17 to 23 Rey (Open Day)
Rey Farzanegan High School May 5/ 9am to 14 Rey , NODET organization
Tehran Mobile ASIAC bus May 5/All of day Astronomy Bus travel in the city
Tehran ASIAC May 5/ all of day Tehran Intl Book Fair
Saadat Shahr Pasargad Group April 28 May 5

All of day (AstronomyWeek)

In all around the city
Ardakan Shafgah Group May 5/ All of day Central Park of Ardakan
Aran & Bidgol Education ministry May 5/16-19 Education Ministry grand hall
Arak Azad University May3,4,5 (all of night) Observing in city streets
Yasouj Yasuj University May 5 /all of day In city streets
Kazerun Azad university May 5 / all of day Azad university place
Izeh Educational Ministry May 5 / all of day City schools
Meybod Azad university May 2/ 9 14 University amphitheater
Nadjaf Abad Aseman Group May 5 / 18 22 Golha Park
Sanandaj Gazinag Group May 5 / all of day City streets
Divandareh Ebnesina group May 5/ all of day Ebn-e-Sina High school
Zanjan Zanjan Astronomy Society May 5 / all of day Zanjan cultural center
Ghazvin Nova group May 5 / 16- 20 Students research center
Ghazvin Caspian group May 5/ 10am 18 Azadi Sq.
Ahvaz Educational ministry May 5 / all of day Edu. Ministry Hall
Bastam Edu.Ministry May 5 / all of day Student research center
Lamard Analema Group May 5 / 17-22 Imam Sq.
Ghom Ghom Astronomy House May 4 , 5 / all of day In 10 different Sq and parks of Ghom
Rasht Sagheb Group May, 5 / all of day Mellat park, Ghods Park and Daneshju Park
Zahedan Khayam Group May 5, All of day Kanun center
Kashan Sepehr group May 5 / 9am 24 Javaneha Kanun
Gonbad-e- kavus Najma group May 5 / all of day City central park
Maraghe Maraghe group May 5 / all of day City streets
Komshe barkhar Komshe group May 5 /15-22 Imamzadeh abolfal
Isfahan Adib astronomy center May 1-5 (astronomy week)

May5/all of day

Isfahan Parks and Zayande rud river beach
Mashhad Asemn-e-Toos Astronomy Group Astronomy week every day

May 5 / all of day

City parks More on
Zabol Sajzi Group May 5 / all of day In the city and historical sites