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Jamie's Moon Page
For you, Jamie! Thank you for reminding me that there more beautiful and mysterious things about our Moon than just craters...


Names for the Full Moon

JANUARY - The "Wolf" or "Hunger" Moon

During this month the wolves once roamed the countryside, thus suggesting the name "Wolf Moon". In the cold and temperate climates of the Northern Hemisphere, it was difficult to find food during January, thus the name "Hunger Moon".

FEBRARY - The "Snow" Moon

In certain parts of the world, snow is usually the deepest in this month, thus the name, "Snow" Moon.

MARCH - The "Sap" or "Worm" Moon

Because sap rises in March, this full moon is called the "Sap" Moon. The ground softens during this month, and worms begin to burrow out of the ground, thus the name "Worm" Moon.

APRIL - The "Pink" Moon

Many flowers turn pink and bloom in April, thus the name "Pink" Moon.

MAY - The "Flower" Moon

Because many flowers bloom in May, after the April downpours, May's moon is called the "Flower" Moon.

JUNE - The "Strawberry" or "Rose" Moon

Because strawberries bloom in June, this month's moon is the "Strawberry" Moon. Also, the French call this moon "la lune rose", which translates into English as the "Rose" Moon.

JULY - The "Buck" Moon

Male deer, or bucks, grow their first antlers during this month, thus the name "Buck" Moon.

AUGUST - The "Sturgeon" Moon

Because it is sturgeon season in certain parts of the world in August, this moon is called the "Sturgeon" Moon.

SEPTEMBER - The "Harvest" or "Corn" Moon

Native American's began to harvest their crops during this month every year. (If this full moon occurs late in August, it is called the "Harvest" Moon.) If the full moon occurs earlier in September, it is called the "Corn" Moon because the corn crop is ready for picking at that time.

OCTOBER - The "Hunter's" Moon

The hunting season begins in October, thus the name, "Hunter's" Moon.

NOVEMBER - The "Beaver" Moon

Beaver traps were once set in this month to catch enough beaver to make warm clothing for the upcoming winter. Thus the name, "Beaver" Moon.

DECEMBER - The "Cold" Moon

The approach of cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere gives this month's full moon its' name.