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Astronomical League - Lunar Club Project

In an effort to continue with some of my various studies, I thought it might be interesting to do the Astronomical League's Lunar Club Challenge in an on-line format so others could share as well. If you are a reader of my daily reports, you know that I've always had my own brand of love affair with the Moon, but I haven't always made a particular point of looking for specific craters and logging them in a format acceptable to the AL. It is my hope that although I have not always included a very specific time, that the amount of work I have done with the lunar surface over the last 15 years will stand for itself. In researching through my old observing reports, I find so many references to all of these features again and again that it is difficult to chose just one!

In order to make the pages load faster and more efficiently, I have broken down the Astronomy League Lunar Club observation sheet into these on-line pages:

Naked Eye Observations


Binocular Or Small Telescope Objects

Craters - 4 Days

Craters - 7 Days

Craters - 10 Days

Craters - 14 Days

Telescopic Objects

Telescopic Craters - 4 Days

Telescopic Craters - 7 Days

Telescopic Craters - 10 Days

Telescopic Craters - 14 Days

Extra Credit

It is my hope that this page will eventually include at least a handful of my own rotten photographs as well as an understandable log of when each feature was present. The photographs may not correspond with that particular date, but I do feel right about including them so those who are working on identifying lunar features may see something in them they recognize. If nothing else? Perhaps it will inspire you to enjoy Earth's "companion in the night"...

Now let's rock!

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