Extra Credit?

The Astronomical League Lunar Club also specifies certain things that can be considered "extra credit" if one misses a feature or is unable to view a certain object.

Thinnest Phase By Which You Can Read Newsprint:

Comments: It's April 26 in the Moon is six days old. Unfortunately, I am getting rather "old" as well and it about all I can do to make out newsprint with only the moonlight. Casts some great shadows though!


Another area of interest is watching a total lunar eclipse. This is not an AL Lunar Club excercise, but does tie in rather beautifully with the theme! A rare chance to watch two of them in one year occured in 2003, and so I leave this Total Lunar Eclipses - 2003 link for you here as well.


Another AL excercise is sketching the lunar surface, with the extra credit going toward either illustrating libration or practicing cartography for binoculars. It is not my intention to take any "extra credit" for the following work as it does not follow the Lunar Club guidelines. I will, however, include it because it does show that a very ordinary person can sketch the lunar surface with some precision.

Please enjoy!

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