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Mars Gallery - 2003

Welcome... This is nothing but my humble work done with the video camera during Mars Apparition - 2003. For the most part, none of these images have been adjusted in any way, and none of them "stacked". (you can tell, sorry...) The are pretty much exclusively taken through The Warren Rupp Observatory 31" reflector with a JVD digital camcorder hand-held to the eyepiece and a single frame of footage "clipped". Far from awesome, I leave these photos here so I can remember just how much fun it was taking them!!

Not bad, huh?!

You will see as the show progresses that there are some images that have been adjusted in photoshop (and my thanks go to both Vic and Joe.) Once again, these photos are far from "great" but they are mine!

"The window burns to light the way back home... A light that warms, no matter where you've gone... And now we're off to fine the hero of the day. But what if I should fall by someone's wicked ways? Still the window burns, time so slowly turns... Someone here is dying. Keepers of the flame... Do you hear your name? Can you hear you baby cryin'? Momma they tried to break me..."