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Backyard Astronomer Index

Welcome to my backyard! I live in North Central Ohio on the edge of a very small village...(population 30, if everyone is home from work and school)! Rural living does have its' advantages... dark skies!

Situated equo-distantly between the two larger towns of Marion and Mansfield, at latitude (north) 40.6858, and longitude (west) 82.8598, the skies in my backyard are frequently dark enough to spot the Messier objects, such as the M37, M38, M13, M42, M44 and M31 with the "unaided eye"! (And, of course, the telescope views are great too! ;) The most unusual part of viewing in my backyard is that I often share my observing area with the local wildlife. Deer, raccoons, oppossums, skunks, bats and the owl are my frequent companions... (and, of course, these two german shepherds and YOU!)

I enjoy everything in the night sky! From the moon and planets... to the distant galaxies... both telescopes are well-loved, and well-used! Won't you come and join me? Every eclipse, occultation, and meteor shower is a cause for celebration! And I live to capture those elusive deep sky objects.... (and rock and roll! ;)


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My Telescopes    
4.5" Celestron reflector and a 12.5" Meade Starfinder dob  


6x30 finder scope 
Equatorial mount with slow motion controls for the Celestron 4.5, and the classic dobsonian mount with counter-balance for the Meade 12.5. 
Eyepieces: 25mm SMA 1.25, 10mm SMA 1.25, 26mm Meade Series 4000 1.25, 9mm Meade Series 4000 1.25, 17mm Sirus plossl 1.25, 32mm Televue 2" 
Filters: color filters, polarizing filter, moon filter, etc. 
Cool toys: full aperature solar filter for the Celestron 4.5 and a Magellan II Naviation System for the Meade 12.5! 
Others: 2X - 1.25 Orion "Short Tube" Barlow 
Junk drawer: cleaning kits and equipment, red light, maps, battered old binoculars, tools, meteors, strings, CD collection, books, collimators, etc.

Thanks to Joe for the "birdseye" view!

Join us! ~Around The World~