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"Gettin' high on information...
And if you want these kind of dreams..."
---red hot chili peppers

Beam me up, Scotty!

If you've made it this far...then you have questions! Let "The Backyard Astronomer" provide the answers for you. The following page was designed to "link" you up to other areas on the web to help satisfy your curiousity about astonomy!

Have fun!!!

You've got questions?

Then let "The Backyard Astronomer" answer them
for you! The questions below provide "links" to
other websites to help further you interest in astronomy! Take your time...and enjoy!

Additional Links For Inquiring Minds!

Provided below are additional links to other
astronomy related websites that you will find not
only useful...but entertaining as well!

Want to find it?

Looking for a website that has it all? There is
none finer than this!

The Best Astronomy Website on the Internet!!!

Be sure to thoroughly explore this website! It
can answer almost all of your questions, and
let you share in other's observations! Truly the
finest on the web. Thank you...Mr. Alistair

Want to take a ride on the Space Shuttle?

Ever wonder what the astronauts are talking about
today? Or what is being said in Mission Control?
If you own a sattelite dish...tune to NASA select
tv...sattelite W2, channel 9 (85 degrees west)...
and get a first hand "peek"!

The link below will put you in the shuttle
or into the space center!

Thanks to Charlie Wallace for suggesting this site!

Where do I look, what other things can I see besides the stars and the planets?

Seeing "lights" in the sky?

No...I don't think the aliens are coming for us just
yet! But there are all kinds of fascinating objects
that move along in space...and ways of predicting
where and when you will see them!

Are there other objects in the night sky that just anyone can observe?

Yes!!! Communications sattelites...military sattelites...the International Space Station...MIR..
and even the Space Shuttle! This site provides
you with maps, information, times and dates of
all the above! Thank you.... to Mr. John
Davis for this suggestion!

You will enjoy and use this site!

Are there links to tell me of the
latest astronomy news, or what
will be going on in the night sky?

What's new?

To keep current with all the "space" news around
the has to look! But, when to find time? Thanks to the internet...the very latest in
what's going on in space is only a click away!

There's more on heaven and earth here...than dreamed of in your philosopy, Horatio!

The links listed below deserve a great deal of
"exploration"! Many of the news services can be
delivered directly to your e.mail address!

The very best in news services....

Are there sites that I can visit
just to learn about space and
view pictures?

Want to study?

Not always do we have time to visit our local
library! Thanks to the information generation...
all you need is to know where to look!

And they are here for you...

Inquiring minds want to know...and what better
way to feed them...on space...the final frontier!
Enjoy the websites below...and try not to get
"Lost In Space"!

Below is a list of my personal favorites for reading and dreaming!

Are there sites where I can chat
with others about astronomy?
Or post a message, or question?

Got a screen? Then you've got info!

No one web page can answer all of your questions! But there are thousands of others out
there with knowledge to share....

The first link connects you with a discussion
group...dedicated to theory and some observation.
The second link will put you in a forum, where
your messages and questions can be answered.

Discussion groups and "chat" forums:

Are there catalogs on-line that
I can visit that have astronomy
related products for sale?

Been all around the world looking for what you need?

Then perhaps you would like a "wish book"! If
you are interested in buying a telescope...then
you want to know how much is costs, and what
it does! Or if you just want to "touch another
world"... there is a place for that too!

There are many catalogs available on-line!

The links below offer many fine possibilities...
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars contains all
types of telescopes, binoculars and accessories...
Sky Publishing contains the finest astronomy books and literature available....and Touch Another World is supplied by the New England
Meteorlogical Society...which offers meteorites
and collections for sale!

Enjoy the following catalogs:

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