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We would like to take this time to once again express our thanks to all the fine people who donated so generously to this year's Hidden Hollow Star Party.

Starry Nights Software -

Protostar Telescope Accessories -

Telescopes.Com -

Smart Astronomy -

Hale's Harley Davidson -

ITE Astronomy -

Dynapod -

Astro Cards -

Dave Hartsell - "A Traveler's Guide"

Orion Telescopes and Accessories -

Case Place USA -

Robert Haag - "The Meteorite Man" -

John Chumak - Galactic Images -

Meade Telescopes -

Mike Martinez - Mare Meteoritics -

Acton Astro - Teleguide -

Sky Publishing - Video Astronomy -

Lumicon -

Please visit their sites and take advantage of all their wonderful merchandise!


We would also like to very much thank all the fine folks who attended this year as vendors or contributed in some way. You are appreciated!

Smart Astronomy - -

University Optics -

Astro Cards -

Tech 2000 -

"Crazy Bob" - Astronomy to Go

NorthStar Concessions

And with many thanks to...

The Kroger Company -


We would also like once again to thank Barb Hubal, Nate Cardarelli, Jason Shinn, Terry Mann, Brent Archinal, Stephan James O'Meara and Jay Reynolds for being with us this weekend. A special thanks also goes to members of the MVAS for their help and to all the members of the RAS who worked so tirelessly.

And although you do not hear it often enough, we thank YOU for being our guest at the "Hidden Hollow Star Party 2005". Only with your attendance can the "legend live on"....

Thanks all of you for making this year a success!