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~Around The World~

Ever wonder what it would be like to enjoy the hobby of astronomy from another backyard?

Then follow along on the links below...

And enjoy!

"You may say I'm a dreamer...
But I'm not the only one.
I hope some day you'll join us!
And the world will be as one.."

"Imagine" --John Lennon

Is astronomy your "cup of tea"? Then, come... visit with the best in The United Kingdom... "The Backyard In Nottingham!"

The Backyard in
the UK

Take a trip "down under"! Visit with that wonderful writer, "The Jester" in... The Backyard in New Zealand!

The Backyard in
New Zealand

He's "unique"! He's "unclonable"! He is Pierre, and you will find him in... The Backyard in Canada!

The Backyard In

Take a journey to the East...and visit with our friends in... "The Backyard In Singapore"!

The Backyard In

From the land of the rising sun, we welcome Kazumi Funakoshi as "The Backyard In Japan"!

The Backyard In

Now, let us journey onward and meet another "l'amante delle stelle" in "The Backyard In Italy"!

The Backyard In

And from another corner of the world, we welcome Sydney (and that terrific telescope!) as "The Backyard In Holland"!

The Backyard In

Seeing "double"?? You will when you visit with our friend Cor in his backyard in the Netherlands!

The Backyard
In The

The United States is like having fifty countries all rolled into one! Select a Backyard for tonight... and if you don't see your State here...please join us!

The Backyard In
The United States

Come on in! Let "the astronomer" be your guide tonight in... The Backyard in Ohio!

The Backyard In

Let our friend "io" take you into... "The Backyard In Indiana"!

The Backyard in

It's "Knight Time" down south! Head to... The Backyard in North Carolina!

The Backyard In
North Carolina

While traveling in the great state of North Carolina, I met this wonderful group of people, please welcome The Asheville Astronomy Club!

The "Gang" In
North Carolina

There is someone who gets to keep both and "eye" and an "ear" on the skies... The Backyard in Florida!

The Backyard In

Fly with the "Spirit of 33" and the "Ottoman" when we visit in... "The Backyard In Kentucky"

The Backyard in

Let's head west toward the setting sun to visit with the Barbour... and "The Backyard in California"!

The Backyard in

Then look to the north for the "Maine" attraction, where MacQ will show us what is up in "The Backyard in Maine"!

The Backyard in

Now let's journey to the midwest, for an entertaining visit in "The Backyard In Illinois"!

The Backyard In

Hitch a ride on a "shooting star", as we visit with The CometMan... in "The Backyard In New Jersey"!

The Backyard In
New Jersey

Now let's head over the rainbow and meet TC... in "The Backyard In Kansas"!

The Backyard In

And we spin off axis to the north once again, to meet the"Astronomy Boy"... in "The Backyard in New Hampshire"!

The Backyard In
New Hampshire

Now, let's take a trip with "Spankey" and his gang, and journey off to "The Backyard in Pennsylvania"!

The Backyard In

Care for a shot of "Scotch"? Then by all means, join our friend Bill in "The Backyard In Texas"!

The Backyard In

And we are proud to welcome a new member to the tea party as the "Backyard in Boston"!

The Backyard In

Time to enjoy some southern comfort, and join our friend Kyle in the "Backyard In Georgia"!

The Backyard In

Travel along on a voyage of discovery, and join our friend Nic in the "Backyard In Oaklahoma"!

The Backyard In

The World is a mighty big place, and we all have a different view! Select a Backyard for tonight... and if you don't see your country or state here...please join us!

The Backyard In
Other Countries


Enough for now!

Hello, All!

And so the years have passed... Many of us still stay in contact with one another and we all stay "connected" don't we? It's always my pleasure to find folks from around the world that share in the same love of the night sky.

Keep looking up and thinking... We are!

Clear skies to you!


~ Around The World ~

Won't you come and join us?