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"Will there be restroom and shower facilities?"

Yes! There will be porto-san facilities located all over the grounds along with formal restrooms. There are showers open in the larger dormitory cabins and each will be designated.

"Do I need to reserve cabin space?"

At the time, no. Our attendance this year is very small and cabins will be first come, first served. There are many and it is designed to hold up to 350 guests.

"Are larger campers welcome?"

Yes! We have plenty of space for you to park, but there are no electricity and water hook-ups. They must be self-contained.

"What about tents?"

There are plenty of camping spaces available.

"What if I wish to leave after observing has begun?"

There will be designated parking areas for those wishing to leave before dawn.

"Can I get a reduced rate if I only wish to attend a portion of the weekend events?"

I'm sorry. We must rent the Hidden Hollow campgrounds, buildings and facilities for the weekend. The fees are not profitable to the Observatory, but are designed to help pay for additional expenses you might not see such as restrooms, electricity, AV equipment, water, heat, trash removal, insurance, etc. As much as we would love to offer reduced rates, we simply can't.

"Will there be electricity available for my scope?"

Yes! We have many outside hook-ups, but please be responsible and bring your own cords and junction boxes. Be sure to label them!

"Will there be food available?"

You betcha'. North Star concessions is offering a full line of food on a 24 hour basis.

"Is there still room available?"

YES!!! Registration is extrememly low this year. We will need a minimum of 150 guests just to meet our expenses and we have less than 1/3 of that amount registered at this time. PLEASE! If you would like to see the "Hidden Hollow" legend continue, your support is very important!!

"What about prizes?"

This year offers the finest array of door prizes that I have seen at any Star Party. We cannot thank the nice folks who have donated enough! You will receive 1 grand prize ticket (for the Meade Telescope) and 1 door prize ticket in your registration packet. These prizes will be on display with information from the companies during registration and you may purchase additional tickets (12 for $20) at the registration desk. When ticket sales close, each container will be well shaken so everyone receives an equal chance. The tickets will be drawn at the conclusion of our speakers and each prize announced. You must be present to win!

"What if the weather is bad?"

Don't worry! We have all kinds of indoor facilities. Both lodges will be open at all times for those wishing to watch videos or just to visit. Even if it's cloudy, we have plenty to keep you busy for the entire weekend!

"Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?"

Yes. We are all people here, too. If an emergency should arise and you are unable to attend, you will receive a full refund. But... We cannot refund for cloudy weather! There's still plenty to do.

"Will we be allowed to register at the gate?"

At this time, we would much rather you register in advance. Our handful of members have been hard at work for months now to assure your experience at Hidden Hollow will be the best possible. By registering ahead, you allow us time to plan by attendance and to prepare for you ahead of time. This helps assure our food vendor has adequate supplies and that our Club members are able to enjoy the Star Party as well!


We truly are easy to find. All road atlas' and Ohio maps clearly mark 71 from north to south. Just exit 169! Follow O'Possum Run Road with its many twists and turns until you see a Marathon Station on your right. The entrance to Hidden Hollow is 100 feet ahead on your left. Just follow the road to the top of the Hill to the Observatory.


Don't let the road contruction bother you. Exit #169 (Rt. 13) is still open! But... The great state of Ohio, in all its infinite wisdom, has seen fit to close O'Possum Run Road right at the exit of 71 and Rt. 13. Although it will seem confusing, don't worry. The detour is very minor. When you exit off 71, you will be on Rt. 13. If you are coming from the north, you will need to make a left hand turn at the exit light and continue under 71 on Rt. 13. If you exit 71 from the south, you will need to make a right hand turn at the exit light onto Rt. 13. Stay in the left lane! There will be two detour signs and you want the second one to the left. The detour is clearly marked and will bring you back to O'Possum Run Rd. Simply turn right and keep going! We'll post signs to assure you along the way!


Folks, we cannot do this without you. This year we offer some of the very finest speakers. vendors, things to do and prizes that we have ever seen. Please show your support of Warren Rupp Observatory by attending this year!!