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Since 1972 nearly a million telescopes in a wide range of apertures from Meade have made their way into observatories, schools, and backyards around the globe to explore the stars. Since that time, many discoveries have been made with these portable instruments including many supernovae, comets (including Comet Hale-Bopp), minor planets, and even exo-solar planets! But as amazing as these discoveries may be, the most important are to those who are getting their first-ever look at our cosmos and realize that their world is much more vast and mysterious than they ever considered before. Through the years Meade was built on the pillars of Exploration, Discovery, Imaging, and Sharing. Indeed the Meade logo itself illustrates the unity of these four pillars, symbolized by four 'M's to form an eight-pointed star.

In designing and building affordable telescopes we have been privelidged to be associated with many important organizations and individuals who have taken the path of guiding others on their personal quest of exploration and discovery. Now a group of some of the most luminary visionaries, and astronomy-related organizations today have come together as the 4M Board of Advisors and Partner Organizations to form the 4M Community to embrace and nurture its members and help them achieve a greater understanding of our universe. The four 'M's in the 4M Community have come to symbolize the Members being guided by these principles to explore, discover, image, and share.